Given the multi-level nature of the issues at stake within higher education, representatives of major EU and US networks of higher education researchers decided to combine their expertise and organize this joint conference in the Summer of 2016 at the Dutch capital of Amsterdam. Also an increasing number of national higher education associations are actively involved. Particular purpose of this conference is to unite the macro, meso and micro levels of higher education research, therefore covering the scholarship of learning, teaching and organizing.

EARLI-Sig 4 Higher Education

EARLI exists to support and promote an active research culture in the field of learning and instruction. EARLI enables about 2500 members from 56 countries to engage in critical dialogue. They systematically exchange and discuss ideas on instructional and educational research, as well as on research on industrial training. For these scholars, drawn from all parts of Europe and many parts of the world, EARLI provides a platform to contribute to current debates. Through its networks, activities and the publication of journals and book series, EARLI promotes both international and interdisciplinary cooperation.

SIG 4 Higher Education aims to offer the opportunity to those whose educational research interests are in learning and instruction in higher education, to hear about and exchange ideas with colleagues with similar interests. While there is considerable overlap with the many other areas of education research that are a part of the EARLI network, some aspects of the higher education context are quite different and require a special interest group. These include the areas of student learning where the student is given or expected to achieve high levels of autonomy, teaching in which the curriculum and teaching approaches are determined largely by the individual teacher, and academic or educational development, which is addressed at the level of individual tertiary institutions.


EERA Higher Education network

The European conference of Educational Research (ECER) is a yearly European conference, organized by the European Education Research Association (EERA). EERA membership is made up of more than 30 national and regional Educational Research Associations from all parts of Europe and consists of 31 networks, representing a variety of educational themes & sectors. The higher education network is amongst the largest, with about 300 participants.