HEC2016 proposals

All proposals can be found here, downloadable in PDF format. The keynote presentations can be found here.

Submitting authorSubmitting author emailTitleDownload
ALBERTYN, Ruthrma@sun.ac.zaSupervisor or superhuman: contrasting views and implications for researcher developmentDownload
ALBERTYN, Ruthrma@sun.ac.zaReflections on learning during the doctoral research trajectoryDownload
Acosta Peña, Roxana Noraroxana.acostap@gmail.comFrom discourse to action. How Engineering’ teachers in Chile are being trained and transfer their training into their classroom?Download
Akar, Hanifehanif@metu.edu.trInternationalization and Challenges of Internationalization in Higher Education: Perceptions of Faculty in a Developing CountryDownload
Arico, Fabio RiccardoF.Arico@uea.ac.ukLearning Gain and Confidence Gain as Metrics for Pedagogical Effectiveness: an empirical assessment within an active learning large-classroom environmentDownload
Asare, Samuelsamuel.asare@postgrad.otago.ac.nzExploring the role of teachers in student engagement and alienation in higher educationDownload
Baker, Nicknbaker@uwindsor.caStrategic planning in Canadian universities: Can government policy and strategic mandates drive system-wide change?Download
Baptista, Anaa.baptista@qmul.ac.ukSTUDENTS’ CONCEPTIONS OF LEARNING: A case study with undergraduates who attended one-to-one tutorialsDownload
Baumgartner, Alexanderbaux@zhaw.chModeling practice-oriented competence grids as a basis for continuous development of study programsDownload
Bedford, Simonsbedford@uow.edu.auThe Impact of Institutional Assessment and Feedback Principles on Academic Practice and Student PerformanceDownload
Bedford, Simonrma@sun.ac.zaSupervisor or superhuman: contrasting views and implications for researcher developmentDownload
Beege, Barbarabeege@sprachraum.lmu.deLearning to teach in higher education: Can learning transfer be supported through more authentic activities during training?Download
Beuße, Mareikem.beusse@tu-braunschweig.deTesting a model of university teachers’ didactic training intentionDownload
Blankman, Marianmarian.blankman@inholland.nlTeaching about teaching primary geography: design of an experimental programmeDownload
Bloch, Rolandroland.bloch@soziologie.uni-halle.deThe more, the better? On the effects of special programs for increasing the quality of teaching and learning in higher educationDownload
Bordon, Paolapbordon@fen.uchile.clEmployer Learning, Statistical Discrimination and University PrestigeDownload
Bos, NynkeN.R.Bos@uva.nlA network analysis of blended learning: Relations between use of learning resources, regulation strategies and course performanceDownload
Bosse, Elkeelke.bosse@uni-hamburg.deHow first year interventions in higher education seek to account for student diversityDownload
Boughey, ChrissieC.Boughey@ru.ac.zaCurriculum Change in South African Universities: Past and PresentDownload
Brachem, Julia-Carolinbrachem@dzhw.euExplaining teachers’ resignation tendency through individual activity and competence profiles and education-policy conditionsDownload
Brahm, Taigataiga.brahm@unisg.chHigher Education Institutions as Space for the Quality Development of Teaching and Learning? Educational Development in the Light of Theory and PracticeDownload
Brahm, Taigataiga.brahm@unisg.chFaculty motivation as a key to integrating sustainable development into teaching and learningDownload
Brouwer, Jasperinajasperina.brouwer@rug.nlInternational students’ development of emotions, social and academic integration, and self-efficacy during the first year.Download
Bunce, Louiseloui73psy@gmail.comThe Student-as-Consumer Approach in Higher Education and its Effects on Academic PerformanceDownload
Böttcher, Franziskafranziska.boettcher@fu-berlin.deIntroduction of a New Instrument to Assess University Students’ Research Competencies: R-CompDownload
Carnell, Brentb.carnell@ucl.ac.ukInstitutional approaches to developing research based curricula: Session 1 Setting the scene, concepts and perspectivesDownload
Carnell, Brentb.carnell@ucl.ac.ukInstitutional approaches to developing research based curricula: Session 3 Student experiencesDownload
Carnell, Brentb.carnell@ucl.ac.ukInstitutional approaches to developing research based curricula - Full SymposiumDownload
Carnell, Brentb.carnell@ucl.ac.ukInstitutional approaches to developing research based curricula: Session 2 national perspectives and institutional spacesDownload
Carnell, Brentb.carnell@ucl.ac.ukInstitutional approaches to developing research based curricula: Session 4: University perspectivesDownload
Cayon, Edgardoecayon@cesa.edu.coDoes quality make a difference for higher education graduates in Colombia? Measuring differences in accredited and non-accredited institutions with similar financial characteristicsDownload
Chan, Mableegmable@polyu.edu.hkExploring structural moves and lexico-grammatical patterns of workplace texts: A corpus approachDownload
Chan, Roy Y.rychan@indiana.eduThe Future of Higher Education: Examining the "Non-Economic" Benefits for Completing a University DegreeDownload
Chan, Roy Y.rychan@indiana.eduStudying Philanthropy and Fundraising in the Field of Higher Education: Why Institutional Advancement Merits Scholarly Study between Europe and U.S.Download
Chaubey, Aabhaaabha.vns1986@gmail.comThe Importance of SEEQ in Teaching Evaluation of Undergraduate Engineering Education in IndiaDownload
Cheng, Mingchengming9934@hotmail.comExploring Chinese Students’ Experience of Curriculum Internationalisation: A Comparative Study of Scotland and AustraliaDownload
Chrysler-Fox, Pharny Duncanpharnyc@uj.ac.zaManaging plagiarism of South African post-graduate students: Does an intervention have any effect?Download
Cincinnato, Sebastianosebastiano.cincinnato@vub.ac.beDivergence in university education: exploring study progress of underprivileged groupsDownload
Corda, Alessandraa.corda@hva.nlLess is more: Effects of student selection on study success in initial teacher preparation programs.Download
Coryell, Joellen Elizabethcoryell@txstate.eduTeaching in an era of international student mobility: A comparative analysis from university instructors in Italy and the United StatesDownload
Cotnam-Kappel, Meganmcotnamkappel@uottawa.caDemocratizing Policies and Programs: Ensuring Equity for College Transfer StudentsDownload
Cotton, Debbydcotton@plymouth.ac.uk(Under)Valuing HE pedagogic research? A UK Case studyDownload
Damsa, Crinacrina.damsa@iped.uio.noPerspectives on research-based education: interpretations and enactment across levels of higher education governance and practiceDownload
Davies, Chantalchantal.davies@chester.ac.ukScaling the Mountain: an exploration of gendered experience of academic staff in relation to the UK Research Excellence Framework 2014Download
Day, Indira Nadia Zinzii.n.z.day@iclon.leidenuniv.nlIntermediate Assessment in Undergraduate Law Programs: the Relation between Test Characteristics, Student Characteristics and Study ResultsDownload
De Clercq, Mikaëlmikael.declercq@uclouvain.beProviding freshmen with a good “starting-block”: Two brief social-psychological interventions to promote early adjustment to the first year at universityDownload
Dehne, Julian Mauriciodehne@uni-potsdam.deBridging the interinstitutional gap – Tracing lifelong skill evolvementDownload
Denney, Fiona Clairefiona.denney@brunel.ac.ukThe Experiences of Academics in Leadership Positions in UK Universities - A focus for developing the next generationDownload
Deshler, Jessica M.deshler@math.wvu.eduPeer Teaching as an Opportunity for Enactment and Academic Practice in a Higher Education Excellence in Teaching Certificate ProgramDownload
Devecchi, Cristinacristina.devecchi@northampton.ac.ukLearning together: Developing faculty staff teaching capacity in Italy and the UKDownload
Di Masi, Diegodiego.dimasi@unipd.itStudents’ with Disabilities Capabilities to Access Higher Education: Results from a Community Based Research Project in Italian UniversityDownload
Donina, Davidedavide.donina@unibg.it‘Standard Cost’ Reform in Italy: Redistribution and Rebalance in Higher Education FundingDownload
Dorner, Helgahelgadorner.ceu@gmail.comExploring students’ conceptions of learning through the lens of internationalisation: Experiences from international collaborative seminarsDownload
Duchatelet, Dorothydorothy.duchatelet@uantwerpen.beSimulations of desicion-making: what makes worth the effort? Identifying their impact on students' interest development.Download
Duchatelet, Dorothydorothy.duchatelet@uantwerpen.beFostering self-regulation and self-efficacy: a matter of autonomy support or academic motivation?Download
Ellery, Karenk.ellery@ru.ac.zaPromoting epistemic and learning-context access in a science foundation course: Supporting student learning.Download
Enders, Natalieenders@psychologie.uni-hannover.deUniversity students’ usage of learning strategies in an e-learning master’s degree seminar: A pilot studyDownload
Esterhazy, Rachellerachelle.esterhazy@iped.uio.noThe role of social interaction in feedback processes in higher education– an observation studyDownload
Evans, Carolc.a.evans@soton.ac.ukHigh Impact Assessment Practices in Higher EducationDownload
Feixas, Mònicamonica.feixas@uab.catChallenges met by academics when transferring pedagogical training into the practice: a tale of two countriesDownload
Feixas, Mònicamonica.feixas@uab.catPreliminary study on the situation of SoLT in Spain: from “amateur” teaching to the scholarship of learning and teachingDownload
Felisatti, Ettoreettore.felisatti@unipd.itPeer-assessment in HE: an exploratory research in four Italian university coursesDownload
Fischer, ElisabethElisabethFischer@uni-kassel.deStriving for attention and cognitive involvement – what works in lecturesDownload
Fox, Bobbobfox@unsw.edu.auHigher Education Learning Designs Incorporating New TechnologiesDownload
Frederik, Hansj.a.frederik@vu.nlExternal validation and the learning ability of higher education programmesDownload
Fritzsche, Eva Susanneeva.fritzsche@tum.deUniversity students' awareness of their metacognitive competenceDownload
Fryer, Lukelukefryer@yahoo.comThe Latent Antecedents of Interest: The longitudinal role of self-efficacy, self-concept, utility-value and instrumental goals.Download
Fryer, Lukelukefryer@yahoo.comThe Intersection between Depth and the Regulation of Strategy UseDownload
Fryer, Lukelukefryer@yahoo.comStudent learning in higher education: Theoretical connections, directions and cul-de-sacsDownload
Fuge, Julianejuliane.fuge@uni-paderborn.deThe effects of formal mentoring programs on academic stress among freshmenDownload
Gebhardt, Anjaanja.gebhardt@phsg.chLearning Cultural Specifics of Universities of Teacher EducationDownload
Gerholz, Karl-HeinzKarl-Heinz.Gerholz@uni-bamberg.deDesigning of subject-related Service Learning in Higher Education: Analytical and Empirical ApproachesDownload
Girgensohn, Katringirgensohn@europa-uni.deThe institutional work of writing center directors - How collaborative learning becomes a tool for leadership tasksDownload
Goodier, Sarahsarah.goodier@uct.ac.zaEvaluation in a higher education research project: What tracking network growth can teach usDownload
Grunefeld, Hettyh.grunefeld@uu.nlAn instrument to assess expertise in curriculum design and planning of educational changeDownload
Guerra, Cecíliacguerra@ua.ptSustainability of educational research centered on innovation in Portuguese Higher Education InstitutionsDownload
Guzmán-Valenzuela, Carolinacarolina.guzman@ciae.uchile.clHorizons of teaching: a new conceptualization of teaching in higher educationDownload
Hammer, Ronenronenh@hit.ac.ilFaculty alleged myths about student evaluation of teaching: An empirical assessmentDownload
Hank, Barbara Mariabarbara.hank@hm.eduStudents' questions in the spotlight - a longitudinal study in a Just-in-Time Teaching environmentDownload
Harris-Huemmert, Susanharris-huemmert@uni-speyer.deThe doctoral student as consultant: a case study on the merits of using Ph.D. students in higher education evaluation processesDownload
Hasanefendic, Sandras.hasanefendic@vu.nlCentral in innovation: Institutional entrepreneurs in higher educationDownload
Healey, Ruth Louiser.healey@chester.ac.ukDesigning and developing courses through staff-student partnerships: processes, experiences and engagementDownload
Heinrich, Evae.heinrich@massey.ac.nzChallenges around engaging with research on teaching and learning and finding a research communityDownload
Highman, Ludovicludovic.highman@gmail.comA case study on differentiation in the mission and role of higher education institutions in IrelandDownload
Hillbrink, Alessaalessa.hillbrink@uni-muenster.deTeaching Psychology: Enrichment or Burden? PhD students’ perspectives on research, teaching, and their relationshipDownload
Hirsto, Laura Susannalaura.hirsto@uef.fiExperiences of doctoral studies in a research intensive environment in soft sciencesDownload
Hofmeister, Arndarnd-hofmeister@gmx.deBeyond rubricated Reflection– Perspectives of instructors and students on reflection in an online Master of Public Health ProgrammeDownload
Huisman, Bart Anandab.a.huisman@iclon.leidenuniv.nlThe influence of peer feedback on students’ academic writing in higher education: A systematic reviewDownload
Hyytinen, Heidiheidi.m.hyytinen@helsinki.fiProblematising the measurement of students’ personal epistemologiesDownload
Höhle, Esterhoehle@incher.uni-kassel.deKnowledge Society and Academic Careers in Europe: A MacroanalysisDownload
Iftimescu, Simonasimona.iftimescu@gmail.comBrokering Research in Romanian Education: Finding the Missing Link between Research and PolicyDownload
Ip, Kevin K Wka-wai.ip@cuhk.edu.hkGeneral Education and Change of Students’ Perceptions of Moral ObjectivityDownload
James MacEachern, Melissammaceachern@upei.caEvolution of Export Market Orientation in Higher Education: A Canadian Case StudyDownload
Jenert, Tobiastobias.jenert@unisg.chA typology of students’ enculturation during the first year at UniversityDownload
Jones, Stevensj@man.ac.ukTo what extent is rising capital expenditure in Higher Education meeting the changing pedagogical needs of staff and students?Download
Jones, Stevensj@man.ac.ukEnacting widening participation: an exploration of university admission tutors’ personal and professional identitiesDownload
Jukema, Jan S.js.jukema@windesheim.nlDeveloping students’ intrinsic motivation to co-create services and products with older persons in an authentic powerful learning environmentDownload
Kamans, Elanore.kamans@pl.hanze.nlStanding out or fitting in: Understanding how honors students behave in collaboration with regular students.Download
Kandiko Howson, Camillecamille.kandiko_howson@kcl.ac.ukStudent engagement in the UK: Critiquing belonging, partnership and skill developmentDownload
Keller, Ulrikekeller@diz-bayern.deImplementation of the teaching methods Peer Instruction and Just in Time Teaching in STEM-Download
Kelly, Elizabeth Janet (Lizzie)lizzie.kelly@aut.ac.nzChanging dimensions: Policy impacts on master's degrees in one universityDownload
Kesselaar, Ciac.p.kesselaar@hva.nl‘Research-Ability’ as Curriculum Goals in Vocational Bachelor ProgramsDownload
Kickert, Robr.kickert@fsw.eur.nlThe role of motivation, learning strategies and participation in academic performance under a renewed examination system: refitting a structural modelDownload
Klemencic, Manjamanja.klemencic@gmail.comStudent belonging and wellbeing in international perspectiveDownload
Kovács, Zsuzsakovacs.zsuzsa@ppk.elte.huExploring Hungarian doctoral students’ professional socialization in the context of organizational cultureDownload
Kumpas-Lenk, Kaijakaija.kumpas-lenk@tlu.eeLearning outcomes in higher education: the relations to students’ satisfaction, motivation and engagement to learningDownload
Lambert, Mariemarie.lambert@unifr.chThe final project in a HE teacher training: a SoTL process?Download
Lea, John Charlesjohn_lea@aoc.co.ukEnhancing scholarship in college-based higher education in England; reporting on a nationally funded catalyst projectDownload
Lee, Kyungmeek.lee23@lancaster.ac.ukDiscourses and Realities of Online Higher Education: Openness and Innovation in Open UniversityDownload
Leão Fernandes, Graçagleao@iseg.ulisboa.ptSubjective and Objective determinants of Success in Statistics: The case of ISEG- University of LisbonDownload
Löytönen, Teijateija.loytonen@aalto.fiEducational development in higher arts education: An experimental move toward multiple possible pedagogiesDownload
Macfarlane, Bruce Johnbmachku@gmail.comUnderstanding the emergence of higher education as a research field: an intergenerational analysisDownload
Madinabeitia Ezkurra, Albaalba.madinabeitia@ehu.eusEDUCATIONAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS AS DRIVERS OF CHANGE A case study of the impact on the individual and the institutionDownload
Magalhães, Antónioantonio@cipes.up.ptBologna and the knowledge triangle: reshaping education and researchDownload
Malatji, Khashane Stephenkhashane.malatji2@gmail.comMoving away from Rote Learning in University Classroom: The use of co-operative learning to Maximise Students' Critical ThinkingDownload
Mamas, Christoforoscmamas@ucsd.eduExploring the relationship between peer social interactions, friendships and group work dynamics in Higher Education (HE)Download
Marin, Elenaelena.marin@fpse.unibuc.roPolitical and managerial factors to promote educational research production and transfer in policymakingDownload
Markwalder, Sonjasonja.markwalder@fhnw.chGeneralist professional competencies and specialized fields of work: Findings from bachelor graduates in social workDownload
Martens, Thomasthomas.martens@medicalschool-hamburg.deTransitions at University from a Motivational Perspective.Download
Mathieson, Susan Clairesusan.mathieson@northumbria.ac.ukAcademic approaches to research informed learning across disciplinary workgroups: a sociocultural perspectiveDownload
May, Michaelmay@ind.ku.dkNegotiation of pedagogical design patterns as a means to enhance communities of practice in university teachingDownload
McIntosh, Eric Jameseric.mcintosh@civitaslearning.comTargeting outreach strategies for student success: Utilizing predictive analytics to reach at-risk studentsDownload
McIntosh, Eric Jameseric.mcintosh@civitaslearning.comPredicting student persistence: Institution-specific modeling across disparate data sources to determine student persistence riskDownload
McKenna, Siouxs.mckenna@ru.ac.zaLessons learned from a national supervision development programmeDownload
Meissner, Barbarabarbara.meissner@th-nuernberg.deRetrieval tasks in a non-mandatory blended-learning setting can improve students’ conceptual learningDownload
Mendzheritskaya, Juliamendzheritskaya@psych.uni-frankfurt.deEmotions in Higher EducationDownload
Molitvin, Mikhail N.mmolitvin@mail.ruFormula 5-100: strategies of Russian leading universities in races in international university rankingsDownload
Morcke, Anne Metteamm@cesu.au.dkA short-term ethnographic study of professional identity, work-based learning and skills training in higher health educationsDownload
Morrison, Renee Fionarmorrison@wsu.ac.zaComprehensive Universities in South Africa’s inability to successfully increase vocationally focussed diploma programmesDownload
Mountford Zimdars, Annaanna.zimdars@gmail.comContest and adjustment sponsorship in the selection of elites: Re-visiting Turner’s mobility modes through analysing undergraduate admissions at Oxford UniversityDownload
Mountford Zimdars, Annaanna.zimdars@gmail.comMeritocracy and the University: Inside the curious world of undergraduate admission in England and the United StatesDownload
Muukkonen, Hannihanni.muukkonen@helsinki.fiEmerging frameworks for learning, teaching, and assessment in higher educationDownload
Muukkonen, Hannihanni.muukkonen@helsinki.fiScholarly university teachers’ pedagogical practices embedded in the significant scholarly communitiesDownload
Müller, Claudemuew@zhaw.chLearning effectiveness in a flexible learning programDownload
Nielsen, Tinetine.nielsen@psy.ku.dkSpecific Academic Learning and Exam Self-Efficacy: Construct Validity by Rasch Measurement Models and Differences dependent on University Admittance MethodDownload
Nielsen, Tinetine.nielsen@psy.ku.dkStudent self-rating of grades on learning objectives: how are they associated with students’ course evaluations and final course grades?Download
Nieuwenhuis, Loek FMloek.nieuwenhuis@han.nlResponsive education: public value creation for a learning regionDownload
Nolden, Philippphilipp.nolden@rwth-aachen.deMeasuring system levels. Development of discriminant scales on student identification with academia, university and faculty.Download
Panadero, Ernestoernesto.panadero@uam.esTransition to higher education: a longitudinal studyDownload
Petersen, Jessicajessica.petersen@wiso.uni-hamburg.deHow Innovative Are Editors? Evidence Across Journals and DisciplinesDownload
Petric, Bojanab.petric@bbk.ac.ukExperiencing supervision: two case studies of master’s dissertation writersDownload
Pilkington, Andrewandy.pilkington@northampton.ac.ukThe persistence of racial disadvantage in higher education: A UK case studyDownload
Pinto, Susana Almeidaspinto@ua.ptLanguage education policy in Portuguese public universities: institutional practices and representationsDownload
Postareff, Liisaliisa.postareff@helsinki.fiSocial aspects of learning and teaching in higher educationDownload
Proteasa, Carmen Alexandracarmen.proteasa@gmail.comResearchers and policymakers’ perception on research mobilization in education in RomaniaDownload
Pullen, Annediena.g.pullen@vu.nlHow to motivate students in different higher education settings?Download
Quinn, Lynnl.quinn@ru.ac.zaShaping a scholarly gaze for academic development practiceDownload
Raser, Marcusmarcus.raser@psychol.uni-giessen.de“Always” vs. “agree”: A comparison of item specific answering scales with conventional agree/disagree-scales in student evaluations of teachingDownload
Reimann, Nicolanicola.reimann@durham.ac.ukFeedforward in higher education: conceptualisations and practiceDownload
Respondek, Lisalisa.respondek@uni-ulm.deThe importance of self-beliefs and achievement emotions for academic success of university freshmen. A structural equation approach to support freshmen.Download
Rheinländer, Kathrinkathrin.rheinlaender@uni-flensburg.deOrganizational Cultures and Academic Beliefs on Widening ParticipationDownload
Riehemann, Jensj.riehemann@uni-muenster.deNot just one in a million! Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) as a challenge for higher educationDownload
Riemer, Evaeva.riemer@sowi.uni-kl.deEvidence-based development of study programmes – target groups as parameter for educational planning of graduate educationDownload
Robbe, Patriciap.robbe@pl.hanze.nlDefining learning goals in honours education: what makes an excellent professional?Download
Roland, Nathalienathalie.roland@uclouvain.beFirst year college student’s persistence: the role of implicit and explicit measures of attitudesDownload
Rosman, Tomrosman@zpid.deOn the long-term development of information-seeking knowledge: Does information literacy instruction matter?Download
Rout, Bharat Chandrabharatrouthcu@gmail.comThree Worlds of Education Welfare State in South Asia: Investigating into the processes of De-comodification and StratificationDownload
Sakurai, Yusukesakurai@global.c.u-tokyo.ac.jpRelationship between International doctoral students’ engagement in doctoral studies and their career visionsDownload
Salopek Cubric, Ivanaivana.salopek@ttf.hrRecognizing, Assessing and Grading Skills: Application Case in Fashion and DesignDownload
Sapir, Adisapirad@gmail.comLoose coupling, conflict and resistance: The case of IPR policy conflict in an Israeli universityDownload
Sasson, Iritiritsa@telhai.ac.ilIncreasing accessibility to higher education studiesDownload
Schaeper, Hildegardschaeper@dzhw.euIndividual characteristics of teacher education students: Re-examining the “negative selection” hypothesisDownload
Schilling, Antjeantje.schilling@tu-braunschweig.deRound Table Education as an effective approach for Interdisciplinary Engineering Education in the field of E-MobilityDownload
Schlücker, Friederikefriederike.schluecker@uni-bamberg.deParental education and academic achievement at university. Analyzing mechanisms of social reproduction in GermanyDownload
Scholkmann, Antonia B.antonia.scholkmann@uni-hamburg.deStudent learning and study success. How research approaches and research designs influence what we know.Download
Schworm, Silkesilke.schworm@ur.deGame-based education - an opportunity for teaching in higher education?Download
Sebah, Ilhami.sebah@greenwich.ac.ukResilience in Higher Education: How can this inform practice?Download
Siegfried, ChristinSiegfried@em.uni-frankfurt.deTeaching Teacher Students to Teach EconomicsDownload
Sloan, Diane Elizabethdiane.sloan@northumbria.ac.ukUsing classroom based research to inform learning and teaching – using an ethics simulation game to design an effective learning experience.Download
Soubes, Sandrines.soubes@sheffield.ac.ukPostdoctoral researchers and principal investigators in the Sciences: sites of tension in the conceptions of researcher developmentDownload
Stes, Annann.stes@uantwerpen.beThe long term impact of instructional development on university teachers’ teaching approachDownload
Strachan, Rebecca Maryrebecca.strachan@northumbria.ac.ukReshaping the Higher Education System in Ukraine through Improvements in the Student Experience: A Pan European Action Research ApproachDownload
Sweasey, Pennyp.sweasey@mmu.ac.ukReciprocal Journeys: Transition PedagogiesDownload
Sánchez-Santamaría, Joséjose.ssantamaria@uclm.esShedding light on social entrepreneurship at UniversityDownload
Tanase, Madalina Florentinamadalina.tanase@unf.eduInvestigating Preservice Teachers’ and Faculty’s Beliefs and Knowledge about Teaching and LearningDownload
Teelken, Christinej.c.teelken@vu.nlTitle: Working Conditions and Career Prospects of Postdoctoral Researchers: international perspectivesDownload
Teelken, Christinej.c.teelken@vu.nlPostdoctoral researchers caught within a dual ambivalence.Download
Tempelaar, Dirkd.tempelaar@maastrichtuniversity.nlSelf-perceptions of epistemic and achievement emotions in learning mathematicsDownload
Tesch, Jakobjakobtesch@gmail.comResearch career intentions of German doctoral students and their postgraduate job placement in and outside of academiaDownload
Thies, Katharinakatharina.thies@hs-owl.deAntecedents and variability of higher education teachers’ emotions: an experience sampling approachDownload
Thomas, Elizabeth Anne-Marieliz.thomas@edgehill.ac.ukUsing national policy instruments to reduce student drop out and improve completion in higher education in EuropeDownload
Tomlinson, Michaelm.b.tomlinson@soton.ac.ukFulfilling Whose Potential? Challenging Conceptions of Value in a Measured MarketDownload
Tsui, Anna Po-yungtsuipoyung@gmail.comSocial Relationship Factors Affecting Cheating Behaviour of Hong Kong and Mainland Chinese Business StudentsDownload
Tuononen, Tarjatarja.tuononen@helsinki.fiThe development of generic skills in relation to learningDownload
Turner, Rebeccarebecca.turner@plymouth.ac.ukEvaluation in practice: examining the diverse roles of evaluation in contemporary higher educationDownload
Ulrich, Immanuelulrich@psych.uni-frankfurt.deThe effect of the content of higher education training programs on their evaluationDownload
Van Rooij, Els C. M.e.c.m.van.rooij@rug.nlThe transition to university: what factors measured in high school contribute to academic adjustment, achievement and persistence in university?Download
Vanthournout, Gertgert.vanthournout@ap.bevalidating a Dutch version of the Academic Self Regulation QuestionnaireDownload
Veermans, Marjaanamarjaana.veermans@utu.fiTeachers’ and student teachers’ views on demanding authentic learning situationsDownload
Verstegen, Daniëlled.verstegen@maastrichtuniversity.nlThe role of MOOCs in Higher EducationDownload
Virtanen, Anneanne.virtanen@jyu.fiFactors explaining learning of generic skills in university: A study of students’ experiencesDownload
Vorster, Jo-Anne Elizabethj.vorster@ru.ac.zaChallenges for the decolonization of curricula in South African higher educationDownload
Waaijer, Cathelijn Joanne Francinecathelijnwaaijer@gmail.comThe role of gender in the employment, career perception and research performance of recent PhD graduates from Dutch universitiesDownload
Waaijer, Cathelijn Joanne Francinecathelijnwaaijer@gmail.comStability and longevity in the publication careers of U.S. doctorate recipientsDownload
Warm, Johannajohanna.warm@wu.ac.atMeaning(s) of teaching – Deconstructing institutional teaching and learning strategiesDownload
Warrender, Sallysally.warrender@auckland.ac.nzGraduate attributes – Do students really develop these at university?Download
Webb, Oliver Jacoboliver.webb@plymouth.ac.ukPredictors of Early Withdrawal from Higher Education: A Focus on Academic ExperiencesDownload
Wegner, Elisabethelisabeth.wegner@ezw.uni-freiburg.deWhen learning is like travelling: Students’ metaphors of learning and how they relate to their learning patternsDownload
Werno, Magda Agnieszkawerno.m@cambridgeassessment.org.ukPreparing for College Success: Exploring the Impact of the High School Cambridge Acceleration Programme on US University StudentsDownload
Westa, Sinasina.westa@pef.uni-lj.siDoing Interpretive Comparative Research in Higher EducationDownload
Wiley, Christopher Markc.wiley@surrey.ac.ukExploring pedagogic frailty through framed autoethnographyDownload
Wilson, Anna Naomianna.wilson@stir.ac.ukGlimpses of professional life: on what students may be learn by engaging with images shared onlineDownload
de Meijer, Lonnekedemeijer@fsw.eur.nlDiversity in Higher EducationDownload
heemskerk, Bernadettebernadette.heemskerk@gmail.comPlanned space, lived spaceDownload
kozan, kadirkadirkozan53@gmail.comBetween Teaching and Social Presence: Cognitive Presence as a Full or Partial Mediator?Download
van Herpen, Sanne G. A.vanherpen@risbo.eur.nlTypes of adjustment during the transition to university: changes in effort, self-efficacy and performanceDownload
van Middelkoop, Danield.van.middelkoop@hva.nlDoes the teacher matter? Beliefs of Dutch teachers in higher vocational education on professional autonomyDownload
van Veldhuizen, Bertg.g.van.veldhuizen@hva.nlEducation for the future: developing sustainable leadership in schools by international exchange and collaborationDownload
van Winkel, Monicamonica.vanwinkel@han.nlDiversity of identities of research-active academics in new universities: Identifying strategic advantages at the individual and institutional levelDownload
van den Berk, Ivoivo.vandenberk@uni-hamburg.deAcademic competence as complex and dynamic interplay between students’ personal competences and characteristics of learning environmentDownload
van der Wal-Maris, Stella Josinas.vdwal@hsmarnix.nlRelations between changes in student teachers’ meaning-oriented learning patterns and their perceptions of what enhanced these patternsDownload